Welcome to SMART

At SMART, we support all children individually, in an inclusive non judgment environment. We understand equality and diversity, and ensure every child is included in everything we do.   

SMART’s Clinical, psychological & scientific (published) evidence based researched approach combines positive mental health as well as well-being in all our classes, providing specific social, emotional, personal development and life skills topics, whilst providing CBT based therapy coping strategies which embeds into the subconscious mind, we then use creative ways to display their understanding.

Musical Theatre

If you love to sing, dance and love drama, this 3 hour weekend workshop is for you!

Specialist, qualified staff, happy, who are energetic yet supporting, ensuring all our learners are understanding what is being taught more advancing the skills. 

We are also able to offer awards and certificates within your chosen subjects.





Focusing on all the elements of drama, this workshop would suit those who have great imagination, and loves to be dramatic.

Focuses on Improving creativity through games and activities to promote social skills for all children and younger adults to enjoy.

We are also able to offer awards and certificates within your chosen subjects. 




S.E.N Welcome

Our Qualified SEN Specialist staff provide support to any individual child’s needs and we encourage, and welcome everyone to join our classes. We can work alongside an EHCP to provide each child with a personal centred approach to learning through creative experiences. 

SMART provide a specialist ”chillout” room with Occupational Therapist equipment which enables sensory input should any child get too overwhelmed, and when able, to be reintegrated back into the group when they feel comfortable.

We also provide 1:1 & small groups, provide schools with support during the day, weekends and holiday short stays and respite care.


If you love to sing, our singing classes are perfect for you. Have fun singing with your friends, learning vocal techniques, enjoying a variety of different songs adding to your portfolio and opportunities to showcase your skills. All delivered by a qualified and experience singing teacher. 

We are also able to offer awards and certificates within your chosen subjects. 




Do you have bundles of energy?

If you love to dance, and are wanting to learn new skills, and make friends, our dancing workshops are for you. We offer a variety of dancing classes from tap, ballet, street dance, modern, for every level, and for those wanting to progress to awards, certifications and dance competitions.

Creative Arts

Messy play, design, exploring your creative side is what these classes and workshops are all about.

Cosplay props and costumes, designing and creating scenes, stretch your imagination and have fun! This is a fantastic opportunity for those who love to be involved but aren’t yet comfortable being centre stage. 

Special Effects

Our special effects workshops are not for the faint hearted!

Learn how to make gorey scary effects with production quality materials. Let your creative side run wild!



Holiday Fun!

Join SMART during school holidays, filled with so much fun, creativity, learning, with a so many activities, your children will be love making new friends, learning new skills in a positive happy enviroment.



Well Being

Throughout all what SMART does, we provide positive Mental Health & Wellbeing through each of our sessions.

SMART also provide specific 1:1 and group workshops for schools, parents, business training and adults to provide strategic tools to use in day to day life to aid and overcome any problems your child may be facing. 


Pre School Music

Join our Pre school music and movement classes, for children ages 0 – 4. We offer two workshops, a parent led class where we focus on working with your child to engage within the sessions. We also offer a Pre school class where parents get a chance to have a coffee and chat whilst the SMART team have some fun with musical instruments playing your child. 







CBT Therapies & Transitions

Partnerships with schools in providing invaluable specialist transitions into schools, providing CBT based coping skills to children suffering with anxieties, low self esteem & confidence. Our bespoke sessions are combined with creativity, and learnt through different learning styles. 




Home Educated / Anxious Children

Many children have anxieties that are severe which can effect their ability to attend school, or concentrate when there.

SMART have recognised this and now provide a mixture of social activities during the day, and also provide personal development ASDAN certifications, as with tutors that teach academic subjects in  small groups or 1:1.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your staff DBS checked, trained and experienced?

All of our staff have enhanced DBS checked, and follow our strict employment policies which are compliant with Ofsted.

Is all information provided safe?

SMART follow strict policies, including GDPR compliant & safeguarding policy which are both on our website. 

Are the specialist staff experienced in providing form my complex child that has a diagnosis of Autusm?

We have very experienced staff that have 24/7 hands on experience that are understand ASD, high functioning Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing, OCD, severe generalised anxieties,  PDA, panic attacks and Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?

Yes, SMART are Ofsted registered childcare facility, and we accept childcare vouchers. Please contact the office for more information. 

We have been to other performing arts companies and they said they were inclusive but they weren’t. How will I know you are? 

SMART provide a taster so that both parent and child can see exactly how we support each child, and a very positive experience. 

When do you run your workshops, classes and clubs?

SMART provide daytime, evening and weekend activities hoping to deliver and support as many children and families as we can.