The S.M.A.R.T Story – The WHY!

The SMART Story…. How it all began

SMART Inclusive S.E.N has been years in the making!

Having struggled with every aspect of raising my complex teenage daughter who, until recently has only been diagnosed with high functioning Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing, and severe generalised anxieties.

Having been through what has been “absolute hell,” I soon realised that many other families were feeling the similar frustrations, isolation, and judgement of others also, however, finding SUPPORT was almost non-existent. Being a passionate person who adores helping young people; watching them flourish, provide encouragement, being proud of the smallest achievement provides me with so much heart felt pleasure. The previous feelings of isolation compelled me to want to help others.  After conducting years of research, school challenges and unfair treatment, I helplessly watched as my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem declined, saw the impact that the lack of proper understanding from others, had on her. After she was unfairly “indefinitely suspended” I knew that I had to act. She had never been recognised as being ‘good’ at anything, (which is ironic because she is very clever) this lack of acknowledgement impacted her feeling of self-worth even further.  Having observed many activities, I noticed that there were many children that had low self- esteem masked by anxieties; and found the ‘Arts’ was an area that many of these students were drawn to.   Last year, my daughter plucked up enough courage to attend an audition, The Leicestershire Theatre Group audition and invite only process. My daughter’s audition won her a place in the production of Sweeney Todd – The Demon of Fleet Street. Working with a cast of nearly 70 young adults, she finally made friends and finally had things in common. It was just so wonderful to see!

I finally realised that I had found a common link, to create activities that bring together learning, fun, led by example provide useful everyday skills where everyone is equal and given chances and finally included…  Welcome to SMART!