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Supporting, Motivating, Artistic, Resilient, Talent

We ensure that everyone is included, supported, engaged and are having an immense amount of fun whilst learning new skills. 

Dance, singing, drama, special effects, CBT, coaching, social & emotional , personal development, & providing strategies that DO WORK !  You owe it to your young people to help in any way you can? 


SMART are proudly supported by

What we do

 SMART (Supporting, Motivating, Artistic, Resilient, Talents) is a Community Interest Company that supports the needs of ALL young people; to provide equal opportunities to learn essential life skills through our unique and fun activities. We value the importance of inclusion, diversity which if not taught correctly can impact mental health & well-being. SMART recognises the damage of exclusion that comes with Special Education Needs and Disability and every child deserves respect and without judgement.

SMART provides the community a safe, supportive positive environment allowing every child to focus on being included, making friends, whilst learning and having fun! We provide a chillout room, sensory room, have very experienced staff to meet the needs of any complex health challenges that often come with a diagnosis of: Anxieties, Autism, Asperger’s, High functioning autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing, Executive functioning, generalised anxieties, PDA, and many more complex needs.





Ages from 3 years – 25 years

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Ph : 07 7941 28224
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SMART Activities & Services

SMART currently provide the following activities & services:

 Musical Theatre workshops (weekends)




Creative arts

ASDAN expressive arts courses

Special effects workshops

Behind the scenes workshops – includes lighting and sound technical workshops

Costume design & make

Prop design & make


SEN music & movement class

Elderly chair music & movement classesSensory exploring classes

Coaching / mentoring

School bespoke services, including 1:1, small group and larger group work and lunch time sessions

Supporting schools including staff training

Child Wellbeing Practitioner – Confidence, Social /emotional, Low self-esteem, anxieties, motivation & friendship, behavioural CBT therapy & strategies provided

Personal Development

Learning life skills

OT & sensory room hire services

Home Ed Social support day classes

After School care

Holiday programmes

Social events (if able)

Services provided at our venue, individual’s residence, on school’s premises or in the local the community.




What Parents are saying about SMART 

“Amazing group!  My son (9) has ADHD, Autism and anxiety. He really struggles to go to activities. This is the first time he has really enjoyed himself at an activity. The staff are really experienced and understand his needs. He has grown in confidence and is learning to socialise” 



“E has loved today’s special HALLOWEEN workshop, thank you. I Second everything that the other parents have said. Mel and team you are amazing x x”


Parent - 31/10/20

“Our 11 year old daughter found it very friendly, they provided good information and always explained and demonstrated and engaged themselves. It was “EXCELLENT FUN” said my daughter”

Ashley. J


“Lovely staff that know their stuff.  Staff passed on the highlights of their day every day, and my kids loved going. I  would highly recommend SMART to friends, and will defineatley be booking again!  10/10″

Ant K

Parent (Summer holiday programme 2020)

“Greg was in a group that understood him and accepted him. For the first time in a long while I wasn’t anxious about what other kids would think of him or did i need to help him in any way. Because the staff also had experience of SEN or had SEN the same as Greg, It meant that I was relaxed about leaving him because I felt they understood him as much as I do. It meant that that bothof us were able to spend time apart and not feel anxious about it but instead enjoy it which is as it should be! ”


Parent (Summer holiday programme 2020 )

“Thank you for today, P had a brilliant time X “

Joanne K

Parent (31/10/20) Halloween Special workshop

“Excellent holiday programme, both children booked and attened, will be booking again”



“It is really fun and you can make friends”



“Very energetic staff, involve each and every child. They listen to any issues that the children have, and they support any children that struggle, for example actions to songs. The teachers get alongside the children; they don’t just expect the children to know what to do. The older groups were in separate groups and the themes were appropriate to the ages”.

“Always use positive speech and constantly giving the children praise for their efforts. For children who had difficulties fitting in, socialising in these classes would be a real positive experience for them.”

“As a past student of drama school, I can highly recommend this group. After observing today, I can say that the smiles on the faces of the children show that they were hungry for more! Really amazing to see the joy on their faces”

Kirsty. G


“Really positive & encouraging session. My 14 year old daughter really enjoyed herself and is looking forward to her next session. We would be interested to hear about other fun activities and options”



“Great teachers! Kept the kids engaged all the time & focused, with fun and play”



“G came out a very contented and happy little boy – it’s a precious moment for me to know that G feels that he is somewhere where he belongs and that he fits in with his peers. As a parenet too, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that I can switch off as I know that he is in very capable care. Thank you for that xxx”


Parent (31/10/20) Halloween Special workshop

“Agreed, (agreeing with Katrina) although it takes J ages to calm, but so worth it  xxx”


Parent (31/10/20) Halloween Special workshop