What Parents, Family, Young People Say in 2020

Very energetic staff, involve each and every child. They listen to any issues that the 
children have, and they support any children that struggle, for example actions to 
songs. The teachers get alongside the children; they don’t just expect the children to 
know what to do. The older groups were in separate groups and the themes were 
appropriate to the ages”. 
Always use positive speech and constantly giving the children praise for their efforts. 
For children who had difficulties fitting in, socialising in these classes would be a real 
positive experience for them.” 
“As a past student of drama school, I can highly recommend this group. After 
observing today, I can say that the smiles on the faces of the children show that they 
were hungry for more! Really amazing to see the joy on their faces”
Kirsty. G


“Great teachers! Kept the kids engaged all the time & focused, with fun and play”



“Really positive & encouraging session. My 14 year old daughter really enjoyed herself and is looking forward to her next session. We would be interested to hear about other fun activities and options”



“Amazing group!  My son (9) has ADHD, Autism and anxiety. He really struggles to go to activities. This is the first time he has really enjoyed himself at an activity. The staff are really experienced and understand his needs. He has grown in confidence and is learning to socialise” 



“Our 11 year old daughter found it very friendly, they provided good information and always explained and demonstrated and engaged themselves. It was “EXCELLENT FUN” said my daughter”

Ashley. J


“My 14 year old son enjoyed himself, he really enjoyed the warm up’s and excercises too” He prefer’s drama as opposeed to the singing as this isn’t his strength”

Bernadette. W

“It is really fun and you can make friends”



Greg was in a group that understood him and accepted him. For the first time in a long while I wasn’t anxious about what other kids would think about him or did I need to help him in any way. Because the staff also had experience of SEN or had SEN the same as Greg, it meant tht I was relaxed about leaving him because I felt they understood him as much as I do It meant that both of us were able to spend time apart and not feel anxious about it but instead enjoy it as it should be!”

Katrina Cartwright


Mel and the team at SMART are really friendly and brought out the best in both my girls over the holidays. They absolutely loved it and really improved in confidence over the days they attended.

L Hands - Summer 2020