Why SMART is Different

SMART is not just another performing arts academy, we offer much more to children, young people and parents/guardians in terms of support. We actively encourage parents/guardians to get involved!

Through years of extensive medical and scientific research, it has been proven that the skills learnt in the younger years are planted in the subconscious mind for a lifetime.
SMART Creative & Performing Arts is a subsidiary of SMART Inclusive SEN Community Interest Company, which provides a specialised and unique inclusive service to the East Midlands area. As with any CIC, all monies received is used for the benefit of being able to provide our services for the sole purpose of benefiting our local community!
We want to make a huge difference to all student’s well-being, not just now but for life!
As a qualified life coach (ABNLP) and a parent of a high functioning autistic, ADHD teenage daughter with severe anxieties, I understand HOW important positivity is, and WHY providing an inclusive nurturing and supportive environment with the impact that it has on the subconscious mind, is so important to every young person.
At the centre of all that we do is for the happiness, safety and genuine wellbeing of each and every student that belongs within the SMART family